5 hot sex positions to keep it spicy…

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by Tyomi Morgana

We’re settling into a new year and remembering the vows and commitments we made to live more fulfilled lives. We often make promises to ourselves to eat better, get into better shape, and to live more stress free, but rarely do we focus on committing to having better sex when the new year rolls around.

Sex is as limitless and varied as the world we live in, so with that said, it’s time to expand your sex position catalog to enhance your sex lives! My top 5 picks for the “must try” positions of this year add amusement when executed and allow room for personal interpretation and experimentation. You have got to try them all! Get loose! Have Fun!

Check out these 5 positions

Ying Yang

Life is all about balance, and in this position the same rules apply! Yin Yang is a position that can be used as a foreplay technique before the main event, or as a stand alone sexual experience intended to help each partner reach a climax. In this position, each partner is receiving genital stimulation simultaneously. The female partner queens her partner to receive oral stimulation while using her hands to manually stimulate her partner (with his legs in the air of course). At any time during this process, the female partner can choose to switch from using her hands to stroke her partner’s member to using her mouth to perform oral sex. This position creates and continuous flow of sexual energy between both partners in a modified “69” position

Froggy style

Cowgirl positions are always a good time for both partners, especially when they are performed backwards! Froggy style is a great position for the women who like to be in control and for the men that love to sit back and enjoy being pleasured. This position allows the female partner to be in complete control of her sexual pleasure by monitoring the depth of penetration and by increasing her levels of clitoral stimulation. In roggy style, the male partner lies on his back with his legs extended and parted in a “V”, while the female partner straddles him backwards with her feet flat on the bed placed in between her partner’s legs and her hands placed in front of her to support her weight and riding ability. Deep penetration and clitoral stimulation are benefits of this position.

Under arrest

If E.L. James’  “Fifty Shades of Grey” has you inspired to try some kinky moves of your own, then the “under arrest” sex position is right for you! In this variation of doggy style, the female partner is put into total position by the male partner while standing at the edge of the bed as her hands are held behind her back and her face and upper body rest on the surface of the bed. NO running for your little lady! Using handcuffs, poly cuffs or rope to bind the hands behind the back of the female partner is a great way to incorporate props into this position, and role playing as a cop and criminal can really spice up this sexual experience. Make sure to establish a safe word for this position just in case things become a bit too uncomfortable to continue. Use a pillow to insure the resting head and neck of the female partner is as comfortable as possible. Deep penetration, g spot stimulation and submission are benefits of this position.

Saddle Up

Riding during sex is one of the most coveted skills of the sexually active, and this position makes it easier for the inexperienced to get into a good rhythm. “Saddle Up” is a variation of the cowgirl position where both partners are levitated a few inches above the bed. The male partner will need to have quads of steel and great upper body strength to be able to support his weight and the weight of his partner while in this position. With his arms extended behind him, palms face down on the bed and his feet flat on the bed, the male partner will position himself in “crab position” with his pelvis lifted towards the ceiling. The female partner straddles the male partner while facing frontwards and places her feet flat on the surface of the bed while holding onto the shoulders of her partner for support. Through bouncing, rolling and girding of the hips, both partners can get into a good rhythm that will make the riding experience enjoyable! Deep penetration, clitoral stimulation and eye contact are great benefits of this position.

Cliff hanger

This sex position will have you on edge…LITERALLY!  The “Cliff Hanger” is performed on the edge of the bed (or couch) with both partner’s facing each other while the female partner hangs on to her partner for dear life! The challenge in  this position is staying connected by the genitals in order to prevent the female partner from falling off the edge of the bed. The male partner sits a few inches away from the edge of the bed with is feet flat on the floor (if the bed isn’t high off the ground) while the female partner faces her partner and sits on top of him with her legs wrapped around his hips (or her feet flat on the bed) as she holds hands with him to support her weight. The face to face contact creates intimacy while the thrill of hanging on the edge generates a new sense excitement during the sexual experience. Angled sex is also possible in this position if the female partner pulls her upper body away from her partner slightly.

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